Why You Should Be Buying a Bathing Suit Right Now (Even If Summer’s Almost Over)

By | August 25, 2016

While it may be true that most swimsuit shopping happens in June when we’re all still enthusiastically making beach plans, we may or may not keep and aren’t totally put off by the prospect of a heat wave, there’s something to be said for waiting until August to stock up on swimwear.

End-of-season sales are still on, discounts are deep, and those bathing suits that a few months ago seemed awfully expensive for just a few skimpy bits of nylon are now actually quite reasonably priced—and at certain retailers, downright cheap.

Because the selection has been picked over, you’ve got to be strategic: use the site’s filters to narrow down what you see to only the suits available in your size, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for disappointment—especially if you happen to wear something other than an XS or XL. Stores with copious swimwear offerings each season—think ASOS, J.Crew, and any major department store—are going to have both the deepest discounts and the greatest chance of finding something that fits you within your desired price range.

Also, don’t be put off if only the top or bottom of a suit is available in your size—think of it as an opportunity to mix and match (some of my favorite bikinis were never actually meant to be pairs). And if you’ve been coveting a piece from an It-brand like Lisa Marie Fernandez, Solid and Striped, or Marysia but can’t imagine shelling out more than $300 for a swimsuit, now’s the time to do a little hunting—you may get lucky and find one for 70 percent off.

Ahead, find 31 bathing suit bargains to snag before summer’s up.